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Mike Dilbeck



DIGNITY: Our Inherent Value and Worth

When each of us is born, our glass of dignity is full.
As kids, we are full of joy and full of confidence.
We know ourselves as valuable and worthy.
There is nothing we can't or won't do.

Then, life happens.

We all come into the world equally valuable and worthy — and equally invaluable for our uniqueness. Regardless of background and capabilities, we share an innate need to be valued, acknowledged, listened to, treated fairly, and accepted for who we are. When we are not valued as such, we feel anger and frustration, often lashing out in exactly the wrong way to achieve the very thing we need and crave. Many of the world’s ills are rooted in this disconnect between what we need, what we do, and what we get in return. 

As we confront inappropriate, abusive, and even violent behaviors on our campuses, in our companies, and in our society, there is always a violation of someone's dignity at play — someone is left feeling less valuable and less worthy as a result. Each time, their glass of dignity is a little less full — they have less life, less joy, and less confidence. 

In every interaction, we have the choice to honor or violate someone’s dignity. We have the choice to lift someone up or tear someone down. We have the choice to empty or fill their glass.

It is time to educate and empower ourselves — and others — to always make the right choice and honor dignity.


DignityU Features 3 Key Components

Videos & Workshops

17 videos — including the 18-minute main video — along with three workshops of 45, 60, and 90-minute lengths, along with facilitator guides for each.

Online Facilitator Training

Located in the backend of this website is an exclusive and easy-to-digest facilitator training program along with curricula for 45, 60, and 90-minute workshops.

Social Media Elements

To support you in building awareness for and engagement in this program, we have provided social media elements including headers, memes, video clips and more.


Internationally Renowned Authority on Dignity & Expert Consultant to DignityU

Based at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University for more than two decades, Donna has successfully applied her signature dignity model on a global stage. Her clients include the World Bank, the United Nations, the US Navy, a major US legacy airline, and governments worldwide. She currently helps leaders in business, health care, government, education and other fields to create cultures that foster innovation and dignified human relationships. Donna's website.


Founder and Executive Producer

As a filmmaker-turned-advocate, Mike delivers hope for a new world through his work as a social entrepreneur and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). Mike is also the founder of RESPONSE ABILITY — an award-winning program on bystander intervention — and has traveled the country delivering his keynote and workshops on nearly 300 campuses. Mike's website.

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DignityU Sponsors

The following organizations make up the Greek Video Consortium — joining together to help fund the development of this project and participate in the design of it.

Want to be a sponsor? Click here.

"Supporting DignityU is a natural extension of our business, as helping our clients create a positive and productive culture of mutual respect and human dignity within their communities is essential for the long term vitality and health of the entire system. "

Dan Shaver
President & CEO, Affinity Consulting and FindGreek

"Many of society's current problems can be fundamentally linked to the disrespect for another person's dignity. We expect this new program will be directly applicable to our mission of developing ethical leaders and expect it to specifically tackle issues related to the deterioration of civil and respectful discourse on campus, online, and in society in general."

Fred Dobry
Director of Risk Management, Sigma Nu Fraternity

"Sigma Delta Tau is about empowering women. This program will help empower our members to be better individuals and treat others as everyone should be treated, with dignity and respect. We are excited to bring this new and innovative program to our members. "

Tami Ackerman
VP of Philanthropy & Programming, Sigma Delta Tau Sorority

"Kappa Kappa Gamma expects its members to promote integrity, respect and appreciation for individuality. We believe that by focusing strongly on Human Dignity, our members will gain valuable lessons on integrity and authenticity which should be the priority in any relationship. Having worked with Mike Dilbeck in the past, we know that the product will hold great value for our members."

Marla Williams
Director of Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma


Due to the generous support of the organizations above, we are able to make DignityU available for campuses to purchase with some amazing bonuses, including a bystander intervention program. You will have immediate access to DignityU and these bonuses.


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