HazingPrevention.Org™ Partners with Mike Dilbeck and DignityU for Institute for Hazing Prevention

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2018

March 14, 2018 (LaGrange, GA) – 

Because violations of dignity are foundational to so many problems in our society, including hazing, and all forms of violence, HazingPrevention.Org proudly announces a partnership with DignityU, presented by FindGreek and the latest project from Mike Dilbeck, creator of RESPONSE ABILITY.

DignityU, presented by FindGreek, is the next conversation we must have to empower us all to make the choice of honoring someone’s dignity rather than violating it. This program is based on the research and work of Dr. Donna Hicks, author of Dignity and renowned international authority on the subject. To view the growing list of 23 national fraternity and sorority organizations supporting this effort, click here.

'We are thrilled that Mike will be joining the faculty of The HazingPrevention.Org Institute for Hazing Prevention, June 18-20, 2018 on the campus of Louisiana State University, to share a first-look at the brand new program with...

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Affinity’s FindGreek Becomes Title Sponsor of DignityU, Helping Greek Organizations and Campus Communities Reinforce a Culture of Dignity

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2018


Carlsbad, CA, February 19, 2018 – Affinity Consultants’ recent creation, FindGreek, the largest and most diverse source of quality licensed fraternity and sorority products anywhere on the internet, announced today its principled and financial support of DignityU, a powerful and critically important educational program designed to promote the inherent value and worth of others. Modeled after the work of, and endorsed by, Dr. Donna Hicks, the preeminent global authority on the concept of dignity, DignityU explores and addresses the root cause of problems that plague society and impact college communities, like hazing, sexual violence and substance abuse. Sponsoring organizations of DignityU are fully equipped to educate, engage and empower their members through a comprehensive platform of workshops, online curriculum, provocative videos and effective tools that take participants on a transformative journey to ensure that dignity is always at the...

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Why Dignity? It's All About the Cookie!

Uncategorized Dec 22, 2017

by Mike Dilbeck, Founder and Executive Producer


To even begin answering this question, we must first ask, “What is dignity, anyway?"

Dignity is one of those words that is thrown around quite a bit but very few actually know what it means. To be honest, I didn’t know before I started to explore it more. Furthermore, as I pitch my newest project to potential sponsors and attempt to get people engaged in this conversation, I am sensing that many others have the same confusion about dignity.

So, let me try and clear this up a bit...

Very simply stated, dignity is our inherent birthright to always feel valued and worthy. We are born with the right to always have the experience that we matter, are appreciated, and have something to contribute to others and to the world. A violation of dignity is when we don't feel this about ourselves based on what someone else has done or said. Any time we feel less than, not valued, not appreciated, not enough, or that we don't...

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