Empower Your Employees through Dignity Education

Employees are human beings. Employees have wants and desires — inside and outside the workplace. Employees want to know they are valued and worthy — by leadership and by their colleagues. Dignity education creates a whole new world where every employee has the experience of being heard, valued, listened to, treated fairly, and accepted for who they are and what they bring to the organization...and to life.  

The Relevance of DignityU for Employee Development

The top five reasons to bring dignity education into your employee development program:

  • In any interaction with another human being— inside and outside the workplace — we are either lifting them up or tearing them down. 
  • Regardless of background and capabilities, all employees share an innate need to be valued, acknowledged, listened to, treated fairly, and accepted for who they are. 
  • When employees are not valued as such, they feel anger and frustration, often lashing out in exactly the wrong way to achieve the very thing they need and crave. 
  • Many of the world’s ills are rooted in this disconnect between what we need, what we do, and what we get in return. 
  • It is time to educate and empower our employees to always make the right choice and honor dignity.

The primary objective of DignityU is to identify and distinguish the essential elements of dignity, as distinguished by Dr. Donna Hicks, internationally renowned authority on dignity and expert consultant to DignityU. There is also a call to look in to how dignity impacts a person’s own thoughts and actions, in both their lives and in their respective organizations. More importantly, a key component will be to demonstrate ways to intervene against the personal violations of someone’s dignity, while recognizing the difference made by respecting the dignity in others.


"The quest for dignity is as common in the boardroom as in the bedroom, as common in the international arena as in all of our daily interactions. I see it as a human imperative that we learn about dignity and the role it plays in our social and emotional well-being."

Dr. Donna Hicks
Expert Consultant to DignityU

How to Bring DignityU to Your Employees

Mike Dilbeck, Founder of DignityU, can customize any educational package to the needs, culture, and values of your company. Here are three ways you can bring this message of empowerment to your employees...


Mike can provide a one-hour keynote session — in person or virtually — for your employees. This session creates a powerful context for more dignity work to be done. It's the perfect conversation starter!


You can have your own DignityU platform of videos and resources. You can either send your employees directly to this platform or your leaders can use it to download resources to share with their teams. 



If you have your own customized DignityU platform, you can add the opportunity for 30 days of inspirational videos — released one each day — to keep the conversation alive amongst your employees. 


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